Monday, July 2, 2018

Pennypackers Donate Flags To Austin

Becky and Joe Pennypacker
While most communities have had their flags and patriotic decorations on display prior to  Memorial Day, the Community of Austin did not. Austin's patriotic adornments were no longer suitable for public display.

Becky and Joe Pennypacker, both of whom come from patriotic families, noticed the lack of patriotic decorations on Main Street. So, they purchased eleven (11) U.S. Flag Display Sets and donated them to the Borough of Austin. A U.S. Flag was purchased for each of the three (3) Welcome to Austin signs, the Route 872 and Main Street intersection, and the seven (7) telephone poles on Main Street.

Borough employees Kurt Logue and Ed Vossler Sr. worked diligently throughout the day this past Friday  installing the Flag Sets so that they would be on display for the weekend.

Below are some pictures of the flags, and, as you can see, they really enhance the appearance of Austin.

A heartfelt thank you to Becky and Joe for their generosity in making Austin a more attractive place to live.

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