Thursday, June 1, 2017

Vision, Pride, Dedication and Hard Work on Display in Austin, Pennsylvania

"I finally got in to see your museum. I can't believe all the items you have on display there. I particularly liked the children's book display. You really have something to be proud of there". 

This was the greeting I received today from the VA doctor at the Coudersport, Pa., outpatient clinic.

She went on to describe the flurry of activity taking place at One Town Square when she arrived in Austin this past Sunday.  She indicated that people were painting the gazebo, the fire hydrant and putting up patriotic decorations for the Memorial Day Ceremony the following day and it really looked beautiful.

I had noticed how attractive One Town Square looked earlier in the day when I stopped by the post office to pick up the mail.  So, I knew what she was talking about. 

One Town Square is the area on Main Street, Austin, Pennsylvania, maintained by The E.O. Austin Home/Historical Society. They were responsible for the planning and coordinating of the decorating activities, ensuring it would be completed before Monday's Memorial Day Ceremony.

  Later, I was able to ascertain the names of the individuals and organizations responsible for this undertaking:

  • Emporium Specialties Company and Ron Ebbert provided the bunting for the gazebo
  • Donnie Caskey applied the bunting on the E.O. Austin Home/Historical Society Museum
  • Flag pole taken down and put back up by the Austin Fire Department
  • Ron Ebbert painting the flag pole
  • Entire lawn and trimming by Ron Ebbert
  • Flowers in urns at the entrance to the All Veterans of All Wars Memorial Monument by Nancy Glover and VFW Post 7810 Auxiliary
  • Flower arrangement in the Children's Monument by teacher Karen Crosby and her students
  • Museum decorations provided by the members of The E.O. Austin Home/Historical Society
The result of their effort is pictured below:

One Town Square Austin, Pennsylvania

E.O. Austin Home/Historical Society Museum grounds are  always immaculate.

Gazebo with new coat of paint. Fresh flowers next to the Children';s Monument on right.

Children's Monument

New Steps to Gazebo recently stained.
Veterans Memorial landscape manicured with fresh flowers in urns.

Fresh coat of paint

Fresh coat of paint on flag pole

Small Town America Patriotism at It's Best.

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