Monday, October 10, 2016

Main Street, Austin, Pennsylvania, October 10, 2016

Main Street View From Ruth Street
Big Mike's Dairy Dine and Convenience Store

Goodwin's Garage

Masonic Building - Post Office on left - Just Another Simple Blessing Thrift Store on Right

E.O. Austin Home/Historical Society Museum
Fire Department

The Old Bank Building

Perry Enterprises consisting of a beer distributorship, convenience store, hunting and fishing store and much more.  Fondly referred to as Paul-Mart.

Bub's Crosby's Storage Far Left, Harry Long's Cafe in Middle, and Laundromat on Right. Cafe and Laundromat not open for business.

Cooney's Hardware Store - Not Open For Business

Cock-Eyed Cricket Tavern

West Main Street Salon

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