Sunday, November 22, 2015

Annual FREE United Methodist Church Thanksgiving Dinner

Volunteers of the United Methodist Church, Austin, Pennsylvania,  worked hard on Friday, November 20th,  preparing the Annual FREE Thanksgiving Dinner to be held on Saturday, November 21, 2015.

Nancy and David

Shirley and Noe

Peggy Dow

Tootie Stuckey

Betty and Claudia

 Recently remodeled UMC Dining Roon
Cookies in a Jar

The Annual United Methodist Church Thanksgiving Dinner has become an occasion where we reconnect with those friends and acquaintances that we rarely see other times of the year.  Angie, Mom (Doris Fowler) and I again had the pleasure of sitting across the table from Dan, Patrick and Cheyanne Dow. Patrick and our youngest daughter, Michelle, went to school together. Michelle has lived out of the area for many years now and  we talked about her a great deal.  She is coming home Thanksgiving so we got Patrick's phone number so they can get together then.

The meal and service was excellent and there was plenty of it.  The remodeled dining area is beautiful.

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