Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter Survival & Bushcraft at Sinnemahoning State Park this Saturday Feb 21

Saturday, February 21st
Park Office and Wildlife Center
Water Survival and Bushcraft
12:00 Noon - 3:00 P.M.

Adam Nestor and his survival skills are back by popular demand!
Winter is beautiful and the snow provides great opportunities for outdoor recreation like skiing, snowshoeing, hunting and snowmobiling.  But in an unexpected emergency, this winter weather can also be dangerous.  Any of us could find ourselves in a situation where we need to use winter survival skills. Guest speaker, Adam Nestor, will demonstrate how to cope with the conditions of the season with advanced planning and a properly packed survival kit.
Program will begin in the classroom of the Park Office & Wildlife Center with an introduction to winter survival and the gear Adam uses to stay safe in the cold weather.  The second half of the program will be held outdoors in the 40 Maples Day Use Area where Adam will demonstrate bushcraft skills and give participants an opportunity to experience survival shelters built with materials found in the forest. 
Pre-registration is required for this free program, which is open to all outdoor enthusiasts, ages 10 and over.  Participants should dress for the weather, wear waterproof boots, and be prepared to interact with the environment.  Please bring along a pair of leather gloves for bushcraft work.
Please call the Park Office and Wildlife Center at 814-647-8401814-647-8401 for more information or to register for this free program.

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