Sunday, February 1, 2015

Main Street Austin, Pennsylvania Today

Today is Sunday, February 1, 2015.

These pictures were taken around noon today.

The pictures were taken and posted for all the Facebook Friends who have friended me in the last three (3) months who are either former Austin Area School District Students, friends of former Austin Area School District Students, or, individuals who have an interest in Austin, Pennsylvania, The Town Too Tough To Die.

The pictures will be posted proceeding west on Route 607 from the T-intersection of  Roue 607/Route 872, right-hand side of Main Street

Big Mike's. Formerly the Dairy Dine.

Walt Goodwin Jr's Garage.  Formerly Ritsicks Garage

The Masonic Building. Right side is Another Time Around Resale Store.  On  left is the post office.

View of Turner Street from Main Street

The Gazebo and E.O. Austin Home/Historical Society Museum

The Fire Hall housing the Austin Fire Department and the Austin Ambulance Association

The old Bank Building which survived both the 1911 and 1942 floods.

I am back at the T-intersection of Route 607/872 and will post pictures on the left side of Main Street.
Paul Perry Enterprises. Formerly Gaelotti's Fine Italian Restaurant

Building owned by Bub Crosby.  Formerly owned by Danny Gaelotti.  Mr. Crosby bought the building this past summer.  He and his daughter, Rhonda, have spent many hours fixing up the inside and making it a very attractive addition to Main Street.  They currently are storing vehicles during the winter months in the back of the building. Unfortunately, the windows are coated with a thin layer of ice and we can't see inside.

Harry Long's Cafe

Harry Long's Laundromat

NOTE:  Both of these businesses are for sale as Mr. Long has health issues.

Cooney's Hardware

Famous restaurant and tavern: The Cock-eyed Cricket

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