Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dateline: May 21, 1969. Austin Sells Lot on Turner Street to FNB Coudersport for $1.00

Back in the mid to late 1960's, The members of the Austin Jaycees worked very hard in negotiating with the management at the First National Bank of Coudersport and collecting signatures from Austinites to petition them to open a branch in Austin, Pennsylvania.

It worked.

On May 21, 1969, the Community of Austin sold a lot on Turner Street to the First National Bank of Coudersport for $1.00. Refer to the deed below.

At least one member of the Austin governing body, through his actions and statements, has apparently given up on Austin obtaining another financial institution to locate here.

Will the majority of those Austin Borough Council Members attending tonight's meeting also give up so easily?

I hope to see a large crowd there tonight voicing their opinions on this issue. If not, it will tell me that you just don't care!

The picture below appears in the Austin Area School District 1975 Yearbook:

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