Tuesday, September 9, 2014

AASD Students Visit Dam Ruins

Last week Tracie met with the Austin High School students at the park to discuss park projects.  The students will be working on murals, pictorial picnic tables and interpretive walking trails.   They will be participating in water and erosion control educational programs at the park sponsored by the Potter County Conservation District.  The park also plans to host an educational program on honey bees as well as the heritage  apple trees.

The education model being used is termed  Project Based Learning.  Basically, various teachers, such as history and art and English and science and physical education are all working together with students on real life projects. Students are required to come up with ideas, do the research, study needs and feasibility of the project and then proceed to make it happen.

In my humble opinion, this has to be one of the best student/teacher learning experiences in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, all taking place in the smallest public school in the state.

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